Which stream after 10th?

It's a fact that choosing a study-stream after class 10th is the initial stage of building a child's career. The decision taken during this period could have a lasting effect on a student's career growth. Hence, this choice should not be made with an ambiguous mind, as it might open the door to invariable repercussions in the long-term career prospects. The only way to solve this problem is by evaluating the kid's potential in terms of personality, interest and aptitude to ascertain the natural potential of the child. At VedAtma, we guide the child in making appropriate study-stream choices best aligned to their unique natural potential to help them 'become their best'?.


Step 1
Discovering unique natural potential through assessments

  • Using MBTI® and Strong Assessments
  • Assessments administered online

Step 2
Online Counselling Sessions with Certified Professionals

  • 2 separate sessions for MBTI® and Strong results
  • Relevance on choice of educational streams

Step 3
Identifying best-fit Educational Streams

  • Final third session combining MBTI® and Strong results
  • Finding Unique Natural Potential
  • Identifying best-fit educational streams

Assessment Sessions

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Session

Counselling Process

  • Approximately 2 hours of online counselling with a Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying student's objectives of taking the MBTI® assessment
  • Provide brief background/context of the MBTI® instrument
  • Assist student to arrive at their personality type
  • Explaining implications of student's personality type in life and study-streams
  • Recommending resources available for various applications of MBTI® type in everyday student life


  1. MBTI® Report
    • Describes the student's unique 4-letter MBTI® Type
    • Explains student's personal preferences, values, strengths, potential blind spots, decision-making & learning styles
    • Interprets the student's unique preference pattern within the 4-letter MBTI® Type
  2. Personality Head Info-Graphic
    • The Upright Head illustrates student's personality descriptors, values, strengths
    • The Inverted Head illustrates student's stress-triggers
  3. Best-Aligned Educational Streams/Career Fields
    • Enlists educational streams best-aligned to student's personality type
The Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong) Session

Counselling Process

  • Approximately 2 hours of online counselling with a Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying objectives and goals set by Student in taking Strong Assessment
  • Provide a brief background/context of the Strong instrument
  • Discuss different Sections of the iStartStrong Report
    • General Occupational Themes (Student's personality and work environment preferences)
    • Basic Interest Scales (lists Studenta's top 5 interests)
  • Help Student understand their above preferences by using additional resources
  • Help Student understand related educational streams in relation to their interests and preferences above


  1. iStartStrong Report (8 page report)
    • 6 General Occupational Themes maps out Student's personality and preferred work environments, and list them in order of preference.
    • 30 Basic Interest Scales provide information about Student's areas of interest, and lists them in order of preference.
    • Explore each Basic Interest by:
      • Areas of Study
      • Career Fields
      • Occupations
      • Typical Work Activities
    • Links from report to an occupational database to introduce Student to the 'world of work'.
Final Session

Counselling Process

  • Approximately 2 hours of online counselling with a Certified Practitioner
  • Identification of Motivated Skills - those skills the Student enjoys and does well (Aptitude).
  • Combining MBTI®, Strong and Motivated Skills to understand your child's unique natural potential, which is the convergence of three aspects:
    • Personality
    • Interests
    • Aptitude
  • Narrowing down career fields and related educational streams that are best-fit for your child's natural potential.


  1. Motivated Skills Worksheet
    • Identification of the Motivated Skills - those skills the Student enjoys, feel energized by doing and hence is motivated to use.
    • This activity helps to identify skills the Student ideally would want to use in their career and those skills that need improvement.
  2. Best-Aligned Educational Streams/Career Fields
    • Narrowed down options of Educational Streams best-aligned to the Student's natural potential.


Consultancy Includes

  point 2 Online world-class career assessments & reports - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) & Strong Interest Inventory®.
  point 3 Personalised counselling sessions (2 hours each - done on 3 separate days) :
       subpoint MBTI® Counselling Session (for understanding Personality)
       subpoint Strong® Counselling Session (for understanding Career Interests)
       subpoint Final Counselling Session (for understanding Aptitude, Discovering Unique Natural Potential, and Recommending best-suited course/career options)

Important Note:A gap of few days is recommended between each of these sessions. This is to maximize takeaways from each session by reflecting on the knowledge gained in each session.

Total Cost

subpoint Rs. 29,500/- inclusive of GST

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