Parental Influences

As a parent, you want the best for your kid. You invariably play a pivotal role in the career decisions of your child. The fact that you are even considering career counseling for your child is a huge step forward. You need to understand that your personality, values and motivators in life could be different from that of your child. Your work preferences could be entirely different from that preferred by your child. You should understand that the career interest of your child is independent from yours. Hence, understanding your own personality would help you to guard against any such biases that you may exert to your child in their own career exploration. Second, it helps you to understand the whole process of career counseling and your child's personality assessments better. Finally, knowing your own personality is a self-affirmative process. It helps in your own quest for both professional and personal fulfillment and also in understanding and appreciating differences in people. Definitely it helps you in 'becoming your best'.


Step 1
Discovering unique natural potential through assessment

  • Using MBTI® Assessment
  • Assessment administered online

Step 2
Online Counselling Sessions with Certified Professionals

  • One session for MBTI® result
  • Discovering personality type

Step 3
Identifying Parental Biases and career development strategies

  • Identifying Parental biases on career decisions
  • Discovering own career development strategies

Assessment Sessions


Counselling Process

  • Approximately 2 hours of online counselling with a Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying objectives and goals set by Parent in taking MBTI® Assessment
  • Provide a brief background/context of the MBTI® instrument
  • From the understanding gained of MBTI® theory, help Parent understand their ‘best-fit personality type’
  • Help Parent understand how personality plays out in their life and workplace and how it may be best used for career exploration
  • Make Parent aware of their own personality biases playing out in the career exploration of their children.
  • Make Parent aware of resources available for various applications of type in everyday professional and personal life


  1. MBTI® Report
    • Describes the Parent’s unique 4-letter MBTI® Type
    • Explains Parent’s personal preferences, values, strengths, potential blind spots, decision-making & learning styles
    • Interprets the Parent’s unique preference pattern within the 4-letter MBTI® Type
  2. Personality Head Info-Graphic
    • The Upright Head illustrates Parent’s personality descriptors, values, strengths
    • The Inverted Head illustrates Parent’s stress-triggers
  3. Best-Aligned Educational Streams/Career Fields
    • Enlists career fields best-aligned to Parent’s personality type


Consultancy Includes

  point 1 Online world-class career assessment & report - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).
  point 1 Personalised counselling session (2 hours).
       point MBTI® Counselling Session (for understanding Personality).

Total Cost

point Rs. 12,500/- inclusive of GST

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