Which major after 12th?

Entering college after 12th is when a student has to make one of the earliest life-changing decisions. The right choice of college major and the perfect college to pursue it are probably the cornerstones of any student's career. It is often seen that students do not take the best decision in choosing the best-fit courses for themselves, which can create obstacles in their career. This is where career counseling can help identify the natural potential of the student and hence make suggestions regarding the course streams that are best aligned to the student. At VedAtma, we guide the student in making appropriate college major choices best aligned to their unique natural potential to help them ‘become their best’.


Step 1
Discovering unique natural potential through assessments

  • Using MBTI® and Strong Assessments
  • Assessments administered online

Step 2
Online Counselling Sessions with Certified Professionals

  • 2 separate sessions for MBTI® and Strong results
  • Relevance on choice of educational streams/college majors

Step 3
Identifying best-fit Educational Streams/College Majors

  • Final third session combining MBTI® and Strong Results
  • Finding Unique Natural Potential
  • Identifying best-fit educational streams/college majors

Assessment Sessions

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Session

Counselling Session

  • Approximately 2 hours with Certified Practitioner at Practitioner’s Workplace
  • Clarifying student’s objectives of taking the MBTI® assessment
  • Provide brief background/context of the MBTI® instrument
  • Assist student to arrive at a self-assessed personality type
  • Explaining implications and benefits of the student’s personality type in life, educational streams and career related decisions
  • Discuss various applications of MBTI® type in everyday life


  1. MBTI® Report
    • Describes the student’s unique 4-letter MBTI® Type
    • Explains student’s personal preferences, values, strengths, potential blind spots, decision-making & learning styles
    • Interprets the student’s unique preference pattern within the 4-letter MBTI® Type
  2. Personality Head Info-Graphic
    • The Upright Head illustrates student’s personality descriptors, values, strengths
    • The Inverted Head illustrates student’s stress-triggers
  3. Best-Aligned Educational Streams/Career Fields
    • Enlists diverse educational streams/career fields best-aligned to student’s personality type
The Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong) Session

Counselling Session

  • Approximately 2 hours with Certified Practitioner at Practitioner’s Workplace
  • Clarifying student’s objectives of taking the Strong assessment
  • Provide brief background/context of the Strong instrument
  • Examining different sections of the Strong Report
    • General Occupational Themes – student’s personality and work interests
    • Basic Interest Scales – student’s top 5 interest fields
    • Occupational Scales – student’s top 10 occupations
    • Personal Style Scales – student’s preferences in working style, learning environment, leadership approach, risk taking and team orientation
  • Helping the student understand the derived results in relation to educational courses for the desired occupations
  • Recommending additional resources to research more on best-fit educational streams/career fields


  1. Strong Interest Inventory® Report
    • 6 general occupational themes analyze broad interest patterns describing preferred personality and work environments
    • 30 Basic Interest Scales distinguish students' specific areas of interest
    • 5 Personal Style Scales interpret students’ preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation
    • 260 Occupational Scales compare interest pattern of students and people successfully employed in the desired occupations
    • 4 pages of highly personalized data indicating best-fit college courses, jobs or internships, and extracurricular activities applicable to the student
  2. Strong Interest Inventory® College Student Worksheet
    • This 2-page worksheet helps students efficiently in taking unwavering decisions related to their college major
Final Session

Counselling Process

  • Approximately 2 hours with Certified Practitioner at Practitioner’s Workplace
  • Complete career development index is provided when MBTI® is combined with the Strong, helping the student answer important career-related questions such as:
    • Who am I?

    • The interest and personality preferences

    • What do I want to do?

    • The tasks that you enjoy doing and that motivate you

    • Where do I want to do it?

    • The characteristics of an environment in which you feel comfortable

    • Why do I want to do it?

    • What you value most in life, what you want to accomplish

  • Identify Motivated Skills – those skills the Student likes and does well (Aptitude).
  • Identify Unique Natural Potential - Aligns Student’s Personality and Interests with Aptitude to identify Student’s unique natural potential.
  • Identify Best Educational Streams - Narrow down career fields and related educational streams that are best-fit for Student’s unique natural potential.
  • Frame Career Mission Statement – assist student to frame a short career mission statement that will form a lifelong tool for guidance in career exploration journey.


  1. The Four ‘Ws’ Worksheet
    • This worksheet helps the Student in a step-by-step manner to answer the Who, What, Where and Why (the Four ‘W’s) questions by combining the assessment results with the help of the Certified Practitioner.
    • This also helps to identify Motivated Skills, Unique Potential and Best Educational Streams for the Student.
    • This includes the ‘Career Mission Statement’ drafted by Student.


Consultancy Includes

  point 2 Online world-class career assessments & reports - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) & Strong Interest Inventory®.
   3 Personalised counselling sessions (2 hours each - done on 3 separate days) :
       point MBTI® Counselling Session (for understanding Personality)
       point Strong® Counselling Session (for understanding Career Interests)
       point Final Counselling Session (for understanding Aptitude, Discovering Unique Natural Potential, and Recommending best-suited course/career options)

Important Note:A gap of few days is recommended between each of these sessions. This is to maximize takeaways from each session by reflecting on the knowledge gained in each session.

Total Cost

Rs. 29,500/- inclusive of GST

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