Choosing School Electives

Navigating the transition from middle school to high school is a crucial phase in a student’s educational journey, laying the groundwork for future academic and career paths. This transition demands careful consideration of one’s areas of interest and specialization, regardless of the curriculum – British, American, International Baccalaureate, Indian, French, or MOE.

The choices made during this pivotal time influence immediate academic pursuits and shape long-term career prospects. Understanding a student’s unique potential through a comprehensive evaluation of their personality, interests, and aptitude is key. At VedAtma, we guide students in choosing the right high school subjects or specializations, ensuring they are well-equipped to step confidently into high school and ‘become their best’.

The VedAtma Process

Session Outlines

Each of our sessions that are a part of the counseling process is packed with various activities and self-exploration possibilities. Find what to expect out of each session below:
  • Approximately 2 hours of online counseling with our Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying student’s objectives of taking the MBTI® assessment
  • Provide a brief background/context of the MBTI® instrument
  • Assist the student in arriving at their personality type
  • Explaining implications of student’s personality type in life and study-streams
  • Recommending resources available for various applications of MBTI® type in everyday student life
  • Various reports generated during the session which is detailed under deliverables below
  • Approximately 2 hours of online counseling with our Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying student’s objectives for taking the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment
  • Provide brief background/context of the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment
  • Examining different sections of the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment Report
    • General Occupational Themes – Student’s preferred interest themes
    • Basic Interest Scales – Student’s top 6 interest fields from 32 different interests
    • Occupational section – Student’s satisfaction score and similarity score ranked across 243 occupations
    • Personal Style Scales – student’s preferences in working style, learning environment, leadership approach, risk-taking, and team orientation.
  • Helping the student undergo the Aptitude Assessment to ascertain skills and abilities, ie, Motivational Skills Matrix
  • Frame Career Mission Statement – assist the student in framing a short career mission statement that will form a lifelong tool for guidance in the career exploration journey.
  • Helping the student understand the derived results about making choices for study streams and occupations
  • Recommending additional resources to research more on best-fit educational streams/career fields
  • Approximately 2 hours of online counseling with our Certified Practitioner
  • Identify Unique Natural Potential – Aligning Student’s Personality, Interests, and Aptitude to identify Student’s Unique Natural Potential.
  • Help the Student interpret the Final Report, ie, Unique Natural Potential Report
  • Identify Best Educational Streams – Narrow down career fields and related educational streams that are best fit for Student’s Unique Natural Potential.

What We Deliver

Deliverables & Reports

Signing up for VedAtma’s counseling programme gives you access to a host of resources and reports. Aside from two world-class career assessment reports and over 5+ hours of personalized counseling, our students get lifetime access to VedAtma’s Students Portal, hosting a range of resources on career and education-related topics. We continually update our portal with opportunities and tips that may be helpful for students. The programme also promises students a number of reports that outline the various facets of personality, interest, and aptitude uncovered during the session. Please access copies of these reports below:


MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® Assessments
5+ Hours of In-Depth Personalized Counseling
And much more…

Total Cost

AED 4200

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