MBTI® Session for Personality


The MBTI® assessment is taken by the student.


2+ Hours of Consultative, Personalized Counseling

MBTI® Report

This 6-page report provided as an outcome of the assessment defines the student’s personality type and gives a comprehensive picture of the key characteristics, strengths, and blind spots of the identified type.

Career Fields Report

This report shows how career choices are influenced by the Mental Functions within a personality type, and indicates the careers under each mental function in which the student has expressed interest.

Occupation Report

This report includes the careers most commonly chosen by the student’s personality type and indicates the careers in which the student expressed interest.

VedAtma Personality Report

This comprehensive report provides a detailed analysis of the student's personality type, encompassing implications, mental function dynamics, decision-making processes, strengths, stressors, top career choices, and engaging fun facts.

Strong Interest Inventory® Session for Interest and Aptitude


The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is taken by the student.


2+ Hours of Consultative, Personalized Counseling

Strong Interest Inventory® Report

The 17-page report comprises four sections detailing the student's preferred occupational themes, top basic interests and occupations, along with personal work styles, and features an inventory of 243 different careers and occupations.

Occupation Report

This report is generated during the counseling process and indicates the occupations chosen by the student based on their career interests.

Personality Styles Report

This report shows the student’s preferred styles of working, learning, leading, risk-taking, and teamwork.

Aptitude Report

This report is the culmination of the Aptitude Assessment conducted during the counseling process.

College Courses Report

This includes the subjects and college courses selected by the student from the Strong Report, based on their career interests.

Unique Natural Potential Session


1+ Hours of Consultative, Personalized Counseling

VedAtma Final Report

A comprehensive report summarizing personality, interest, aptitude, and identification of the Unique Natural Potential. This also lists the best-fit study-stream/career recommendations based on the unique potential of the student.

Post Counseling Support

  • Email support from the Certified Practitioner for 1 year after the commencement of the counseling programme.
  • Lifetime access to VedAtma® Student Portal.
  • Accessibility of all your reports at any point in time on the VedAtma® Student Portal.
  • Access to a range of personalized resources on career and education-related topics as well as updates on relevant opportunities and tips that may be helpful for students on the VedAtma® Student Portal.
  • Your dedicated page on the VedAtma® Student Portal serves as a repository for you to store your achievements and accolades.

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