Choosing University Courses

Transitioning to university after high school is a critical phase where students face significant decisions that shape their future. Selecting the right university major and finding the ideal institution is crucial for a successful career foundation. Many students struggle with course selection, leading to career challenges. Understanding a student’s unique potential through a comprehensive evaluation of their personality, interests, and aptitude is key. At VedAtma, we guide students in making well-informed choices about their university majors, ensuring these choices align perfectly with their unique potential, enabling them to ‘become their best’.

The VedAtma Process

Session Outlines

Each of our sessions that are a part of the counseling process is packed with various activities and self-exploration possibilities. Find what to expect out of each session below:
  • Approximately 2 hours of online counseling with our Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying student’s objectives of taking the MBTI® assessment
  • Provide a brief background/context of the MBTI® instrument
  • Assist the student in arriving at their personality type
  • Explaining implications of student’s personality type in life and study-streams
  • Recommending resources available for various applications of MBTI® type in everyday student life
  • Various reports generated during the session which is detailed under deliverables below
  • Approximately 2 hours of online counseling with our Certified Practitioner
  • Clarifying student’s objectives for taking the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment
  • Provide brief background/context of the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment
  • Examining different sections of the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment Report
    • General Occupational Themes – Student’s preferred interest themes
    • Basic Interest Scales – Student’s top 6 interest fields from 32 different interests
    • Occupational section – Student’s satisfaction score and similarity score ranked across 243 occupations
    • Personal Style Scales – student’s preferences in working style, learning environment, leadership approach, risk-taking, and team orientation.
  • Helping the student undergo the Aptitude Assessment to ascertain skills and abilities, ie, Motivational Skills Matrix
  • Frame Career Mission Statement – assist the student in framing a short career mission statement that will form a lifelong tool for guidance in the career exploration journey.
  • Helping the student understand the derived results about making choices for study streams and occupations
  • Recommending additional resources to research more on best-fit educational streams/career fields
  • Approximately 2 hours of online counseling with our Certified Practitioner
  • Identify Unique Natural Potential – Aligning Student’s Personality, Interests, and Aptitude to identify Student’s Unique Natural Potential.
  • Help the Student interpret the Final Report, ie, Unique Natural Potential Report
  • Identify Best Educational Streams – Narrow down career fields and related educational streams that are best fit for Student’s Unique Natural Potential.

What We Deliver

Deliverables & Reports

Signing up for VedAtma’s counseling programme gives you access to a host of resources and reports. Aside from two world-class career assessment reports and over 5+ hours of personalized counseling, our students get lifetime access to VedAtma’s Students Portal, hosting a range of resources on career and education-related topics. We continually update our portal with opportunities and tips that may be helpful for students. The programme also promises students a number of reports that outline the various facets of personality, interest, and aptitude uncovered during the session. Please access copies of these reports below:


MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® Assessments
5+ Hours of In-Depth Personalized Counseling
And much more…

Total Cost

AED 4200

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